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Knulp! The Trappist pub since 1993!

"If you don't like beer, you haven't found your beer yet. Michael Jackson, the beerhunter


COVID 19 info on the
Knulp beach resort

COVID 19 info on the
Knulp beach resort


History of the Knulp Pub

knulp was founded in 1993, from an idea of a group already organised in a cooperative, and is currently the oldest pub in Fondi still in activity. La mela annurca, this is in fact the name of the Cooperative, was founded in June 1985 as a branch of the Handball Club Fondi and in the early years was mainly involved in the organisation of Handfest, an intercontinental meeting of sport and culture.

And it is precisely this context that allows the group to roam the length and breadth of the peninsula and to visit and get to know the various European nations with a strong brassic vocation. Hence the idea of giving life to a simple and informal placewhere the beer culture and its service are central, where good music can be listened to at low volume, where it often feels a bit like family and where products related to the zytho-gastronomia.

A place with a focus on the trappist beer and Belgian beer in particular - recently recognised as a world heritage site - without neglecting new trends in the craft beer scene. Awarded as Academy of Beernamed Ambassador d'Orval and elected member of the Club Chimay. Keeping up with the times without denying one's identity, one's roots.


Authentic Trappist Beer

The Knulp has selected and offers its customers the Trappist BeerTrappist beer is probably the best known product made and marketed by Trappist monasteries. In the world, only 11 monasteries produce beer.

Come and visit us!

Pub Knulp

Ponte Gagliardo 1 Street – 04022 Fondi (LT)


+39 349 1328206 – Roberto